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State of the Art Utility Location Services

Damage prevention is Mark-Rite’s foremost focus. By using radio detection equipment or ground-penetrating radar, Mark-Rite can locate and mark underground facilities. Even map them for you.

Corrosion auditing for gas pipeline companies is another prime service provided by Mark-Rite. To comply with the strict Public Service Commission laws for comprehensive annual audits, Mark-Rite can provide records on electrical current and where that current has decreased thus indicating potential corrosion and opportunity for leaks. Those companies that are required to comply with these laws understand the importance of the service Mark-Rite provides them and find it invaluable.

With Mark-Rite you get the experience and expertise needed to find utilities that are normally unlocatable. Understanding of the ground-penetrating radar equipment and its idiosyncrasies allows Mark-Rite technicians to successfully and accurately detect hidden facilities, not a feat for the average or new-to-the-industry locator or locating company.

Video inspection work provides Mark-Rite’s customers information on blockages or leaks. Mark-Rite uses top quality equipment which allows Mark-Rite technicians the ability to provide video records as well as maps of depth of facilities, coverage and other invaluable information our clients rely on. Mark-Rite can even run tracer wire in existing fiber duct if that’s what’s needed to obtain the information our clients require.


  • Underground Utility Protection

    Underground Utility Protection

    Mark-Rite Utility Services provides accurate and efficient damage prevention of underground utilities for both public and private clients. When using Mark-Rite, you will receive the experienced, professional, and personal attention your utilities need.

  • GPR


    Using GPR (ground penetrating radar) allows you to see non-conductive materials, including plastic pipes, dielectric cables, concrete pipes, and duct banks.

  • GPS


    We offer GPs/GIS filed solutions as a data collections service for utilities. The software we us supports multiple lines per job, keeps track of alert interval, station value, depth of cover and line ID uniquely with each line without having to create independent jobs.

  • Trace Wire Install

    Trace Wire Install

    Mark-Rite can run locatable tracer wire through existing conduit to create a locatable area when previous area was unlocatable. This can help EMC’s and Communication companies, or any company that has existing empty duct and needs it to be locatable to prevent damage to the facility.

  • Cameras


    Using our cameras can be useful to plumbers, mechanics, rescue, fire and law enforcement, and any person needing to inspect a blind space.

  • Claims and Investigations

    Claims and Investigations

    Mark-Rite will do onsite investigations of facilities that have been damaged. With our damage prevention specialists, we use our experience to determine who is truly at fault and use all efforts and resources for asset recovery.

  • Design


    Prior to digging or planning a build, Mark-Rite can find all obstacles in the areas in question. We can GPS for more detailed description to provide for your clients needs. Mark-Rite can map and document any utilities you may need.

Areas Served

  • Georgia
  • North Florida
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee

Industries Served

  • Municipal Governments
  • Utility Services
  • Fiber and Telecommunications
  • Construction Contractors