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Why Choose Us

  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Understanding
  • Insight
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Why Choose Us

Brett Brugh and the members of his experienced team of locators have a combined 75+years of experience in the field protecting every utility.

With Mark-Rite you get the experience and expertise needed to find utilities that are normally unlocatable. Understanding of the ground-penetrating radar equipment and its idiosyncrasies allows Mark-Rite technicians to successfully and accurately detect hidden facilities, not a feat for the average or new-to-the-industry locator or locating company.

Utility companies want to protect their existing facilities or grow their underground footprint with new installations. Mark Rite Utility Location Services can provide maps of the underground facilities as well as determine if those facilities are corroded or leak-free.

Municipalities want to protect their existing underground lines. When municipalities extend their facilities for new service to businesses and residents, Mark Rite can provide vital information.

Engineering Firms turn to Mark Rite to locate utilities to aide in design work.

Plumbing and utility service providers turn to Mark Rite to locate blockages or leaks in small utilities located in underground lines, behind walls, or hidden within permanent fixtures.

Areas Served

  • Georgia
  • North Florida
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee